The Studio Silverlake

The first location

4312 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90029



Nestled in the stylish neighborhood of Silverlake, blocks away from Old Hollywood, the luxurious space is truly a reflection of Adam’s trend-setting style; a welcoming and hip environment that inspires and caters to its exclusive clientele.

Built with his own two hands, the space offers a very modern wood, steel, & sharp lines type aesthetic while providing a warm, welcoming vibe with tons of green plants, an ever changing art collection coloring up the white walls, and an overall happiness that you can feel from all our stylists the moment you open the front door. From running the plumbing and wiring the electrical, to building the custom furniture for the space. This type of work by hand can only put forward a feeling of pride and care that you wont easily miss when you walk in the door.

If you’re a stylist looking for a place to take your career to the next step or a guest seeing one of our independent stylists, it will become abundantly clear this space is designed to be whatever you want it to be. Adam says…

Our job is to make the stylist happy. If we provide them with the best place they have ever worked, they will love coming every day. If the stylist loves their job and the place they do it, then we have created a limitless space for them to make the guests in their chairs happy. We have produced the perfect opportunity for an independent stylist to make their guest’s dreams come true.”

A lot of this ability to keep everyone happy all the time is a vibe that is always right. Adam hand picks everyone that works in The Studio and he isn’t afraid to tell someone no if it means saving the vibe for everyone else. We are a space that is designed to be anything you need it to be. And for Adam, he wants it to be a place that everyone loves to come. No matter who you are, as long as you contribute to the good vibes in our space, you are welcome any time.